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Finally, a winner has claimed the whooping £108 million jackpot prize in the EuroMillions draw. They are the first British to win this year and the 4th British winner in a lottery of all time. Who are these UK lottery winners?

On a Friday night, the winner discovered about the result and the next day, they picked the jackpot prize. However, until this day, their identity is still unknown to the public, this is their personal choice. The jackpot prize they won is astonishing and makes them richer than the famous personality Robbie Williams who is worth £108 million including George Michael who is worth £105 million and Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin who are £105 million worth.

The winner of the £108 million prize belongs to the top three list of the richest British lottery winners and some of them are becoming more popular. They are:

  • Chris and Colin Weir from Largs. They are the biggest British winners in 2011 when they won an astounding more than £161 million. With this huge amount of money, they had the finer things of life can offer and a large sum of money went to charity.
  • Gillian and Adrian Bayford from Suffolk. This couple received more than £148 million in 2013. They enjoyed the holidays and were able to buy new properties. However, the sad news is that they have been separated.
  • In October of 2010, an anonymous winner picked up £113 million but until this day, the identity was never revealed but obviously enjoys the fortune in peace.

If you are given the chance to win the jackpot prize of a lottery, would you identify yourself? This decision is a complex one and depends on the personality of the winner. For some, they go on public knowing that at the right time, everyone can find out while others want to enjoy the fortune in a peaceful manner.

These are the UK lottery winners who won an unimaginable worth of money.

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