UK Lottery 101

Reasons Why Some UK Lottery Results Go Unclaimed

Winning in a lottery game with huge cash prize has been a dream for most people. They imagine about how to celebrate, what to buy first and who to help with a big fortune. However, with so many people dreaming of this to happen in their lives, there are winners who left the winning UK lottery results still unclaimed. Everyone may wonder why but here are the top reasons:

  • They forgot they played or did not check the lottery results. The worth of lottery prize money reached billions in a year but there is still a small percentage that is left unclaimed. The top reason is that winners forgot to check the results and eventually did not find out about this fortunate event. To help you avoid this problem, there are online lottery games that give you result alerts in your registered email. With this, there is no way for you to miss this rare opportunity.
  • Laundered or lost the lottery ticket. When one of the rarest opportunities knocks at you, it is funny that even the most mundane things like checking a load of laundry gets in the way. For example, a French couple won €15 million EuroMillions on 2013. The good thing about this incident is that they hid the ticket inside a sewing box and placed it under the laundry basket. Luckily, they intended this and enjoyed the huge winnings. However, what if you had the same situation when a couple won £3 million but lost track of the ticket they bought in the UK. Unfortunately, the National Lottery did not award the prize money. For many situations that are happening like this, when you buy a lottery ticket, make sure to keep it in a safe place but can be remembered.

These are some of the major reasons why winning lottery results are left unclaimed. For those who are new, always remember the draw dates, double check your numbers and keep lottery ticket in a place that you can always remember without damaging it.

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