UK Lottery 101

Beware Of Powerball Lottery UK Scammers

There are so many direct emails and scam email items that are doing the rounds, telling that you won the jackpot prize. The sad thing about this is that emails come from the real or fake lottery. In fact, they even contain links of legal lottery companies and quote their addresses but they did not […]

An Overview of Lottery History in UK

Lottery has been documented since classical times as a means of raising fund to finance wars and other good work projects. In the year 1566, the first ever lottery draw was recorded and it was chartered by Queen Elizabeth I. The main objective of the lottery was to raise resources and money for the restoration […]

A Discussion on EuroMillions Lottery

The euromillion lottery is a transnational lottery which was launched on 2004 on the 7th of February, and it was participated by France (FranŠ·aise des Jeux), Spain (Loterias y Apuestas del Estado) and United Kingdom (Camelot). The first draw was held at Paris in February 13, 2004. Initially, the game was participated by France, Spain […]

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