UK Lottery 101

How UK National Lottery Online Works

Playing the UK lottery online will only take a few moments of your time by simply registering an account and logging in to PlayUKLottery.com account. All national lottery games can be played online after you have registered, and there are two ways to play online. The first is Direct Debit where players can sign up by registering the details of their bank account and their saved numbers will automatically enter. The winners will be notified by the National Lottery through email if they have won, and this will be done at noon time after the winning numbers are announced later that evening draw. This method is only available for the main Lotto and Thunderball games (excluding Lotto Plus 5 on the same ticket). Another way of playing online is through Loaded Account where funds are encumbered into a player’s account and are played as necessary. The National Lottery will also notifies winners by email whenever you somebody has won the game; and in case of the lower prize Instant Wins, the winnings is transferred to your account. The current loading amount is £10.00 GBP.

Meanwhile, after you have registered online, you are now able to play Lottery online. You can now click the button or the section Play Now and select the lottery you want to play. You can pick the amount of draws you want to participate in and here you can choose the draw dates and how many weeks you desire to run those numbers. Take your lucky numbers by clicking them, and your designated numbers are stressed by changing to a darker colour. If you wish to change or remove your picked numbers, simply click it again and you can also use the Quick Pick key to choose a randomly generated entry. There are also buttons or advanced ways to play the lottery and these includes Bundle purchases, Rapid play and IntelliPlay.

Once you have selected your numbers, simply press the play buttons and your lottery numbers will be added to the list below the page. You can continue to add more entries and then press continue and move to payment division. If you wish to cancel your pick numbers, you need to click the remove button and start again. Once you have already selected all the entries, press the continue button and you will be asked to confirm all your lottery entries and enter the details of your payments. You can pay all your entries using pre-paid Lottery Vouchers or Available Funds or any of accepted online lottery payment methods. To complete your transaction, you need to press the complete transaction or purchase button.

If your entry will be the winner, your account balance will be credited with the winning amount.

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