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Do UK Lottery Generators Pass Through Security Tests?

Lottery companies including their lottery generators and gaming machines pass through a series of tests and inspection before they can operate legally. There is an agency that is responsible to ensure the security, fairness, audit capability and integrity of all electronic gaming software, hardware, equipment and management systems. Also, they provide regulatory services to all casinos and gaming machine facilities in the UK.

Their main responsibility is to test and approve all new lottery generators, equipment and management systems of gaming. They conduct scheduled and random inspections of operating gaming equipment, verified slot machines and the associated software that involves higher winnings.

This is a very important responsibility to make sure that each electronic gaming equipment like the lottery generators operating in the UK does not cheat its players including hardware and software standards that must meet the required standards. No compromise or defective equipment is allowed to do business. The machines which elements are tested carefully are the following:

  • Lottery generator;
  • Game software;
  • Game security, integrity and controls;
  • Accounting capability
  • Paytables to make sure that all winning are possible and accurate;
  • And safety features.

Each new gaming machine and its subsequent software and hardware modifications are thoroughly tested and evaluated before it is approved. Also, the agency in charge of this industry is composed of mathematicians, technologists and engineers.

In general, the process involved in game evaluation is listed below:

  • Technical testing through specialized knowledge in electronics, computer technology, probability and statistics and physics.
  • It uses special test procedures, advanced computerized instrumentation like emulators and complex methods.
  • Adherence to quality policies and practices.
  • Game evaluation through technics of risk analysis.
  • Application of gaming standards that already exist to evaluate the game’s safety, integrity, accounting capability and security.

In addition, the laboratory provides technical and training support to gaming enforcement officers prior to its release to the public. This is to ensure that if anything happens in field operations, the authorized personnel can independently perform an unbiased investigation. Also, if the situation requires, they can testify since they are recognized as expert witnesses.

To have a full test of a new gaming machine, it usually takes 3-6 months and a new program takes 30-90 days. Also, before the machines are opened to the public, the game features and new prototypes must undergo field testing. The functions of the personnel are not limited to new machines but include those which are in service too.

For those who might have questions about the integrity of UK lottery generators and other gaming machines, this article enlightens you that they pass through a series of tests and inspection to ensure integrity and safety.

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