UK Lottery 101

Different Lottery Game in UK

There are varieties of lottery games you’ll find in United Kingdom that you can take part in. The more lottery games available that you can play, the greater chances you have in winning. Playing lottery may be a waste of money but to some, they are just having fun while helping or donating to charities as well as hoping of winning those big prizes at stake. Below is a list of the different lottery in UK that you can play:

  • Lotto – it was the first and most popular lottery game in UK. You can pick 6 numbers ranging from 1-49 and match three or more to win cash prizes. Its draw happens during Wednesdays and Saturdays; and if the jackpot is not won, it will rollover to the next draw.
  • Lotto Raffle – replaced the Lotto Plus 5 in October 2013 and it is played along with the main Lotto at no extra charge. The game guarantees a winning prize of £20,000 to 50 winners in each draw by matching one of the winning lottery raffle numbers. Whenever the main Jackpot Lotto rollovers, the number of raffle prize will increase by 50, so there are more winning chances in a single draw (rollover maximum to 4 times).
  • EuroMillions – this is one of the biggest lottery games in the world that is played every Tuesday and Friday in European countries (composed of 9 participating countries). The minimum jackpot is €15 million and it could reach to €190 million at its peak as it rollovers. In this game, you only have to pick 5 regular numbers ranging from 1-50 and 2 lucky star numbers ranging from 1-11.
  • Millionaire Raffle – this is an add-on game to the main EuroMillions draw wherein all players are spontaneously entered into when they buy EuroMillions lottery coupon. A raffle number comprising of 3 letters and 6 digits is produced for every line of numbers and 1 winner is guaranteed to be selected in each draw.

These are some of the UK’s lottery game that you can play and enjoy.

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