UK Lottery 101

UK Lottery Winners

Finally, a winner has claimed the whooping £108 million jackpot prize in the EuroMillions draw. They are the first British to win this year and the 4th British winner in a lottery of all time. Who are these UK lottery winners? On a Friday night, the winner discovered about the result and the next day, […]

Reasons Why Some UK Lottery Results Go Unclaimed

Winning in a lottery game with huge cash prize has been a dream for most people. They imagine about how to celebrate, what to buy first and who to help with a big fortune. However, with so many people dreaming of this to happen in their lives, there are winners who left the winning UK […]

Price Of UK Lottery Ticket to Double

The price of the UK lottery ticket will double after its first price increase in 1994. Today, it will cost £2 from the original price of £1. The 100% increase will surely cause a lot of dismay for many households in the UK but authorities explained that the increase will be offset by the increase […]

Lottery Tips That Really Work

Searching on the Internet for lottery tips can be overwhelming, there are so many information but in reality, there is not a single tip or trick that will teach you how to predict winning numbers. One of the factors that make it so hard to predict is the fact that numbers are randomly picked so […]

Lottery Draws in UK

Lottery is a form of betting that encompasses the drawing of lots for prize. Lottery game is one of the oldest games in the history of mankind, and it is believed that this game is the source of the government’s funding. In ancient times, they used wood to make draws and the one who wins […]

How UK National Lottery Online Works

Playing the UK lottery online will only take a few moments of your time by simply registering an account and logging in to PlayUKLottery.com account. All national lottery games can be played online after you have registered, and there are two ways to play online. The first is Direct Debit where players can sign up […]

Do UK Lottery Generators Pass Through Security Tests?

Lottery companies including their lottery generators and gaming machines pass through a series of tests and inspection before they can operate legally. There is an agency that is responsible to ensure the security, fairness, audit capability and integrity of all electronic gaming software, hardware, equipment and management systems. Also, they provide regulatory services to all […]

Different Lottery Game in UK

There are varieties of lottery games you’ll find in United Kingdom that you can take part in. The more lottery games available that you can play, the greater chances you have in winning. Playing lottery may be a waste of money but to some, they are just having fun while helping or donating to charities […]

Beware Of Powerball Lottery UK Scammers

There are so many direct emails and scam email items that are doing the rounds, telling that you won the jackpot prize. The sad thing about this is that emails come from the real or fake lottery. In fact, they even contain links of legal lottery companies and quote their addresses but they did not […]

An Overview of Lottery History in UK

Lottery has been documented since classical times as a means of raising fund to finance wars and other good work projects. In the year 1566, the first ever lottery draw was recorded and it was chartered by Queen Elizabeth I. The main objective of the lottery was to raise resources and money for the restoration […]

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